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How my Wednesday afternoon was spent, skipped Pilates soo I could finish this book. Took me a day. Heart It
We are born into death, and we die into life…

“the love the African man has for his children is in making those children and not raising them… And you can be sure that everytime you see an African man hovering, all soft, solicitous concern for the woman with him, you can be quite certain that woman is not his wife.” 

“know what? Africanists say that the most revolutionary thing an African man can do today is to love the mother of his children.” Heart It
Hahaha greatness allowed!! Had the freshest chucks!! Washed my chucks and attempted stunting at #fvckvip now they ol muddy. 😭😭😭 Heart It
Heart It
Breakfast with the girls!! #bestieyappingtoomuch #morningafter #runnyeggs Heart It
Style is a lifestyle!! Embrace your struggle! Heart It
#fvckviptickets still deciding whether or not to go… πŸ˜’ My friends probably hate me right now. #groove #paartay. 

Here are your tickets ladies Heart It
This is probably the shitiest part of my mornings!! #blurgh #bleak #healthfirst #aloeveragel craneberryjuice to wash it all down. Heart It
No points for guessing which are mine.πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ #whitechucks #allstars #dirtychucks my chucks are diirty cuz they tell a thousand tales bout where I’ve been. I’m not even allowed to take them home.😭 Oh well😁😁 Heart It
Most favorite part of my day! #nomnomnom #foodie #brekfast #unhealthy #goodbyeslimwaist #byebyesummerbowdy Heart It